Play music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod in sync on seven devices over Bluetooth

Client: The Demand Agency | Live Site: www.tune-mob.com


For DemandAgency, we built and led the team that developed an iPhone application called “TuneMob” that streams music from one device to up to 6 devices over Bluetooth. The application has a robust network and streaming architecture for supporting various audio sources and formats.

Technologies and Tools

XCode, iOS, Bluetooth


This was one of our first forays into the mobile app world and our friend and client Benjamin at DemandAgency really picked a tough one to start out on –this was no simple task tracking app. We really got to test the limits of Bluetooth frameworks and understand the performance aspects of various versions (and the devices that they live on). Also, building a music app made the testing fun. Ultimately this app was a constant challenge in performance; synchronizing the streams over Bluetooth while increasing audio quality became our never-ending quest.